In addition to translation, Semos is able to offer a wide range of multilingual editing, writing, research and analysis, and mediation services (for an example of multilingual mediation, please scroll to the very bottom of this page). Many of our consultants combine multilingualism and linguistic awareness with specialist knowledge and first-class research and analysis skills. For this reason, we are able to offer a service that has both a linguistic and a research/consultancy dimension. Information on prices can be found just below, but we also offer a 30-minute free trial of our services. 30 minutes would be enough time for us to carry out a small job for you for free, and allow you to decide whether to use our services again. Alternatively, we could start work on a bigger project, allowing you decide whether to proceed once you have seen the results.

If you are interested in trying out our services, please send an email to providing as much information as you can about what you need. If you would like us to edit a text for you, please make sure you attach the document to be edited. If you are a new client, and it takes us less than 30 minutes to complete the task, we will not charge you, nor will we charge for the first 30 minutes of work on a larger job. How much we subsequently charge depends on the nature of the job and is subject to agreement before proceeding. An overview of our prices is available immediately below.


Our prices range from £0.02 per word (£20 per 1000 words) for proofreading or light editing* of well-written text, to £0.3 pence per word (£300 per 1000 words) for complex writing tasks that fulfil a very particular communication objective and/or require extensive research, analysis, and specialist knowledge. Multilingual Mediation is charged for on the basis of an hourly rate of between £20 and £40, depending on the nature of the work. Some Research and Analysis work is is also chargeable for on this basis, with hourly rates ranging from £20 to £100 or more for highly specialised work. These prices exclude VAT @ 20%, where applicable.

*Editing is a more intensive job than proofreading, and we would normally quote between £0.04 (£40 per thousand words) and £0.10 (£100 per word) for this service. How much exactly depends on various factors, including quality of the text as it stands, your objectives (what impact should the finalised text have on the reader?), and urgency. If the text is a translation, and you need us to check for accuracy against the source text, this will also affect the price. For a breakdown of the differences between proofreading and editing, please read on.


What are the differences between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading is a technical task. It is about correcting the occasional - often unconscious - slip. Editing is different. An editor engages with the essence of the text.

We edit for businesses who want to communicate more effectively in their domestic market.

We also edit translated texts. If you are a business wanting to attract foreign custom, then you will benefit from our editing service.

Our consultants will address the following aspects of the text:

Grammatical accuracy

Poor grammar is damaging. An educated reader will always spot it. This could weaken your credibility. But good grammar is not just about creating a positive impression. Grammatical mistakes often affect the meaning of the text. They will either create uncertainty about what you want to say or, worse still, change the meaning of your text altogether.

Our consultants will identify and correct all grammatical mistakes.


Language is about communication: one human being talking to another. You use language to tell someone the time, which stop to get off at, how much something costs. But communication is about so much more than imparting factual information. It is about identity. It is about saying who you are and where you're from. The way you use language - your style - tells people how you look at the world. If people feel you're using "their language", they will identify with you. They will trust you.

Our consultants only edit in the their native language. They are people who have an instinctive grasp of how their language works.

Structure and effective communication of ideas

If a text doesn't make sense, then it has failed in its most fundamental objective. We use language to think (indeed the word "logic" is derived from the Ancient Greek word "logos", meaning "word") and illogical thought often stems from not knowing how language works. This can lead to a text which is poorly structured and lacking in clarity.

Semos consultants are highly educated. They know how to use language to express ideas effectively. Many of our consultants specialize in different technical areas (eg. engineering, legal, medical, etc.) .

Quality of translation (for translated texts)

Texts that have been translated from one language into another often sound funny. This is because a literal translation will always retain the idiomatic, structural and stylistic characteristics of the original. After all, languages are different. They structure reality differently.

If the text has been translated by someone who isn't a native speaker of the "target" language, it must be edited.

Semos editors only edit in their native language . A translated text will often be handled by a consultant who knows how the "source" language works and therefore has a sense of the kinds of mistake that are made in translation from a specific language.


Multilingual Mediation

We were contacted by a distressed pensioner who had received a letter from a bank in France. The letter was written in French, which the lady didn't speak, but she could see that a large sum of money was under discussion. She had not borrowed money from a French bank and was alarmed to receive what seemed to be a request for a lot of money. We translated the letter for her and phoned the bank in French on her behalf. It turned out that there had been a mix-up with another individual and, as expected, our client did not owe them any money. We also wrote and sent a letter in French to the bank reiterating everything that had been discussed on the telephone, and they duly replied to confirm that they were no longer pursuing our client.

Multilingual Mediation is essentially a highly-flexible, multilingual PA service that can help you out when you don't have the language skills needed to carry out a particular task or set of tasks yourself. How much we charge depends on what you need us to do, although our prices are very reasonable (we charged £100 for the Multilingual Mediation service described above).