Blogs can be a fantastic way of gaining financial independence whilst doing what you love the most - writing. Brands and companies from all over the world seeking advertising space, flock to high traffic blogs to market their products. So if you are a blogger looking to maximise this stream of revenue, then you need to widen your international readership - and there is no better way of doing this than by getting your posts professionally translated.

With our express translation service you can have your posts translated into another language - quickly, fuss-free and at an affordable price. For those of you whose blog providers allow you to post by email (such as Blogger and Wordpress), we can post the translation straight onto your blog. Simply confirm the special email address supplied by your blog provider when you submit your post to us, and we will take care of the rest!

Blogs can be quite personal and esoteric, and as such, the content can be very specialist and the writing style unique. For this reason, you may have reservations about getting your posts translated; you may be worried that the tone or meaning will be compromised or lost. However, we understand how sensitive language is and what a delicate operation translation can be. Our translators are all exceptionally well educated and come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds covering both the humanities and sciences. They combine multilingualism with subject specialism and linguistic sensitivity to produce an idiomatic translation with original tone and meaning in tact. Your post will be translated and proofread by two separate native-level linguists, ensuring accuracy and fluency. If it has specialist content, we will involve a linguist with appropriate expertise.

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