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From client emails and testimonials to blog posts and press releases, our Express Translation Service puts the power of multilingual communication at your fingertips. Combining the efficiency of intelligently designed computer systems with the experience and linguistic judgement of highly skilled human beings, our Express Translation Service enables you to get your message across accurately, fluently - and cost-effectively. Whether you need us to translate 1000 words per week or 100 words per hour, our service is fast, flexible, and responsive to your needs.

As you would expect from an agency run by trained linguists with a profound understanding of the complexities of language production (effective translation is not easy), we know how to deliver quality. Your text will be assessed at the outset to ensure that it is assigned to the right linguists. It will be translated and proofread by two separate native-level linguists, ensuring accuracy and fluency. If it has specialist content, we will involve a linguist with appropriate expertise. Finally, it will checked by an in-house Project Manager. Only then will the translation be delivered to you or your designated recipient.

Our prices are competive, starting at £0.10 per word, with an extremely low minimum charge per job of £4 (ex. VAT) for small jobs in the most common language combinations. If you use our services a lot, you will benefit from further reductions of between 5% and 10%, meaning that a translation could cost as little as £3.60 (ex. VAT).

How fast? Very. In the most common language combinations, we can have a short text (of, say, around 200 words) assessed, translated, reviewed, checked and delivered within an hour. Imagine: you write a complex business email in English to an important client in France, and they receive it an hour later in French that is both fluent and entirely faithful to the English source. With our Express Translation Service, this is a reality.

Why not just use a free automated "translation" (Machine Translation) service?

A lot of people think that a free automated translation service is good enough. They couldn't be more wrong. To test the effectiveness of one of these tools, try translating a chunk of foreign-language text into your own language. Here's what we got when we fed a few sentences from a German newspaper through a very prominent automated translation tool:

In Bavaria it is forbidden state representative since 2000, to give spouses and children paying jobs in their offices. That had jointly decided CSU, SPD and the Greens. Already existing contracts but were then declared indefinite allowed. How, then, came out, benefited last only CSU deputies of the scheme - a total of 17 of the 92 CSU Landtag. Several of them had terminated their spouses in recent days why.

As you can see, the translation is complete gibberish.  It may be free to use one of these tools, but it could prove to be a very costly mistake.  If you want to avoid loss of credibility, you should use a professional translation service.

With our Express Translation Service you can have up to 1000 words translated at a time. It can be used to translate emails, blog posts, press releases and other texts - be they business-related or personal, and no matter how specialist the material or nuanced the language.

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