What you need to know

Fees and invoicing:

Wherever possible, the rate, wordcount, and fee will be agreed in advance. Where no rate per thousand words has been negotiated in advance, our standard rate for the language combination in question will apply.

All UK-based clients and all non-business clients based in the EU are subject to VAT (currently set at 20%).

Unless agreed otherwise, the following payment terms apply:

- Business clients based in the UK will be invoiced upon or shortly after completion of any work and must settle their invoices in full within thirty days of receipt of invoice.

- Private individuals based in the UK and ALL clients based outside the UK are invoiced before any work begins and must pay 50% of the value of the invoice upon receipt of the invoice and the balance upon delivery of the work. Semos reserves the right to invoice after delivery.

Client expectations:

Semos will maintain the highest industry standards as a matter of course, but the client MUST inform Semos of any additional requirements/standards it wishes Semos to observe. Specifically, the following must be agreed in advance:

- Final and interim deadlines

- Any terminological and stylistic conventions to be observed

- Reference material to be used

- Non-standard presentation/formatting

- Any CAT-tools to be used

Furthermore, the client must advise Semos of any Quality standards it intends to apply to any work carried out by Semos. Any such standards must be objective, transparent and agreed to by Semos in advance of any work commencing. The client must substantiate with specific examples any adverse assessment of any work carried out by Semos. Semos has the right to reply to any adverse assessment. Where Semos and continue to disagree over quality, the disagreement will be referred to an independent linguist. Semos will agree to no reduction in payment on the grounds of quality where these conditions have not been met.

Confidentiality and Data Protection:

Semos respects client confidentiality and is compliant with all applicable UK Data Protection legislation. All external freelance linguists Semos works with are subject to confidentiality.

Full Terms and Conditions of Service