Our translators combine linguistic awareness with technical expertise.

Our marketing and creative translators understand that language operates on an emotional level: an idiomatic, culturally-sensitive translation has the power to take your message further; conversely, a text that falls short of these standards can undermine credibility and do real damage to your brand. Our translators know how to use language to instil confidence in your target audience.

Our technical translators are real subject-specialists who combine an in-depth understanding of their field with a capacity to develop this understanding through focused research. We believe that familiarity with terminology is not enough - a translator really has to understand the source material. This is why many of our translators are multilingual lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, and other professionals. Our translators cover a comprehensive range of subject-specialisms, including law, finance, medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering, IT, telecommunications, gaming, food and drink, and many others.

Our translators are all exceptionally well-educated: graduates of elite universities in the UK, Europe, and beyond, such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Harvard, and MIT, many have PhDs and some are even pursuing post-doctoral research into their chosen fields. Many of our translators have higher degrees in translation studies and are members of relevant professional bodies, such as the UK Institute of Linguists.