It is difficult to overstate the importance of language: what you say and how you say it is key to making people understand and believe in you. A translation must read smoothly and preserve the tone and meaning of the original text; copy must communicate the correct information, instil confidence and be engaging. Getting the balance right is far from easy and requires real linguistic judgement and expertise. You are making an investment in the credibility of your brand: it has to be worth it.

Semos Language Services combines the experience and judgement of linguistically aware, subject-specialist translators and editors with an intelligent and responsive approach to project management. The company is run by trained linguists: our approach to linguist recruitment, linguist assessment, project assessment and quality assurance all reflect a profound understanding of the complexity of effective language production. Our commitment to accountability and the intelligent and efficient allocation of linguist resources means that we can deliver first-class language services at a very competitive price.

Since our inception in 2006, we have worked for clients across the private, public and voluntary sectors in the UK, Europe and beyond. We work in over 80 languages, accross a wide range of subject-specialisms.

Our prices are competitive, but we do not have "published" prices. How much we would charge depends upon a number of factors, including language combination, specialist content, linguistic complexity, urgency and - especially for rarer language combinations or particularly specialist content - linguist availability. We would normally quote between 9 and 15 pence per word + VAT, though we may quote outside this range. Independent proofreading (carried out by a separate linguist) is included, and we also involve specialist terminology consultants where necessary. To discuss your translation needs with us, please send an email to or submit a quote request here. We will respond quickly - normally within an hour.

We also offer a free trial of our translation services as well as our English-language and multilingual editing, writing, research and analysis, and mediation services.

Language is our absolute focus. This website explains the services we offer and why they are so important. We don't want to patronise you with slick graphics and simplistic "bite-size" slogans. We have deliberately created a website that is graphically spare and free of the kind of visual cliches that are commonplace.

For a quote or more information please contact us at or on (+44) (0) 1795660456.


Terms and Conditions of Service

Semos Language Services Limited is registered in England.  Registered address: 6, Neptune Terrace, Sheerness, Kent ME12 2AW. Company number: 5736599. VAT registration number: GB 895 7385 53.